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Diary of a Cheerleader

Welcome dear fans, welcome to your one and only source of info on the fabulous life of the Pineapple Cheerleaders!  Ever wondered; ever dreamed; ever imagined what we get up to? Well here is your wish come true…  A Pineapple Cheerleaders diary written just for you, to let you in on all of our adventures, secrets and superstardom!

You think you know cheerleaders? Well you don’t know the half of it! Of course ‘We’re sexy, We’re cute, we’re popular to boot’ but to find out more, please read on!

Ruby Blue Cheerleaders' Social - Cheer Diary

Cheerleaders pose in a line at the table in Ruby BlueCheerleaders Social at Ruby Blue

By Bianca

Every so often we get the urge to let our perfectly styled cheerleader hair down and go dancing just for fun. Last night was one of those times so we decided to hit Ruby Blue for a night of cocktails and cheesy music. We finished practise early that day then all hung around at the studios, cracked open the champagne, turned the music on full blast and got glammed up. We decided to dress down (or at least as dressed down for a PC) so we left the LBD’s at home and went for skinny jeans and of course killer heels. We strutted on down to the club where we received VIP treatment from the offset. We were ushered to our own cordoned off area and the management sent us a complimentary round of cocktails to get the night started – Loves it! .

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Silverstone - Diary Entry



Sarah's toe touchRenault World Series at Silverstone

By Vicki

The road trip to Silverstone was highly anticipated. Finally the weekend had come to see if all our hard work had paid off and to show our new slick routines to our fans. The fun started on the drive up there, we turned heads on the motorway blaring out Britney Spears in a pink 4x4 (nobody expected cheerleaders to be brightening up there rush hour) it really got us all in the mood for performing. However I think we got a bit too carried away as we realised we were heading into Northamptonshire - completely the wrong direction!

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Dizzee Rascal Shoot - Diary Entry

Pineapple Cheerleaders in a limo with Dizzee RascalDizzee Rascal shoot for Now magazine

By Heather

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to do a photo shoot with an A-list celebrity for one of Britain’s top celebrity and gossip magazines? Well the Pineapple Cheerleaders found out this week when we were asked to do a shoot for Now magazine with none other than Dizzee Rascal! Take the Pineapple Cheerleaders, a stretched hummer and a top rapper, song writer and record producer, and you’ve got the recipe for one amazing, fun filled shoot! :-)

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Ascot - Diary Entry

Pinepple Cheerleaders ready to perform for the crowds at AscotAscot 

By Aimee 

Today was the day to show Ascot what they’ve been missing! Pineapple Cheerleaders! Eight of the P.C's went to cheer at the Dubai Shergar Cup in front of a 28,000 strong crowd. 

As always we can’t resist practicing so we started the day of with a fun rehearsal on the train...well you can never be too prepared, although we did worry one of the guards who came to see why the carriage was 'rocking' lol! That must have been our kick line!

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Ascot Afterparty - Diary Entry

Pineapple Cheerleaders drinking champagne before the Ascot AfterpartyAscot Afterparty

By Emma

After a brilliant day at Ascot we were still raring to go for the after party!

Knowing we had been invited to party in the VIP section we came fully equipped with black jeans to go with our really cute Pineapple Cheerleader tops and of course a pair of killer heels to top it all off. After enjoying a bottle of free champagne and toasting a successful day of performances we picked up our VIP passes and headed over to the Old Paddock for the ‘Here and Now’ Tour.  

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Race of Champions afterparty - Diary entry

Jensen Button parties with the Pineapple CheerleadersRace of Champions Afterparty 

by Aimee 

Wow what a fantastic weekend at Wembley the Pineapple Cheerleaders have had! 

As you can imagine we were delighted when asked if we'd attend the after show party at Whisky Mist. It was time to let our hair down and whip out the LBD's. We headed to W.M around 23:30 paparazzi were going crazy but we're used to having our picture taken ;o) as we're escorted into the club we're given our VIP wrist bands and head downstairs. We are then lead to our table and greeted with a lush bottle of champagne, then its not long before Carl Edwards heads over to give Cece her second shoulder massage of the day!

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Race Of Champions - Cheer Diary

 Race of Champions at Wembley

Pineapple Cheerleader gets drenched in Champagne by Schumacher & Vettel

By Jen

This has to be the gig of the year. 50,000 screaming fans, international sports stars, celebs, Sky Sports live coverage, the cutest ever Mrs Santa outfits and the chance to say Hello Wembley!  

It all started two months ago when we started training for Race of champions. It’s a huge event bringing together the world’s greatest Formula 1, MotoGP and NASCAR drivers, and we were the sideline & half time entertainment. Right from the start we knew we’d have to pull out all the stops as the head of ROC came over from Monaco just to meet the Pineapple Cheerleaders and see how rehearsals were going. We had to learn four routines including one to the ROC soundtrack (a sort of German style 80’s mix).  By the end of rehearsals we were totally hyped and couldn’t stop singing the ROC track “this is gonna be great!”

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Radio One Scott Mills Show - Cheer Diary

Pineapple Cheerleader with JLS Radio One Scott Mills Show 

By Greta 

OMG I love Scott Mills, and so when a squad girl was needed to appear on his Radio One show I jumped at the chance. “All you have to do is teach a cheer to Becky, the producer”. Sounds like fun. I took some Pineapple Cheerleaders clothes down for Becky to wear to help her feel like a squad girl plus a couple of squad calendars as a gift for the boys. 

I had no idea the excitement a cheerleader would cause! Even people who didn’t work on the show popped in just to say hello and from the moment I took the shiny gold poms out of my bag everyone was buzzing around wanting to have a go. It just so happened that X-Factor boyband JLS were also passing by so Scott invited them to come in and watch too. It was so much fun.

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