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Diary of a Cheerleader

Welcome dear fans, welcome to your one and only source of info on the fabulous life of the Pineapple Cheerleaders!  Ever wondered; ever dreamed; ever imagined what we get up to? Well here is your wish come true…  A Pineapple Cheerleaders diary written just for you, to let you in on all of our adventures, secrets and superstardom!

You think you know cheerleaders? Well you don’t know the half of it! Of course ‘We’re sexy, We’re cute, we’re popular to boot’ but to find out more, please read on!

Ascot 2010 - Cheer Diary

Ascot Shergar Cup 201Pineapple Cheerleaders at Ascot Shergar Cup0

By Emma, Rossella & Sarah

Everyone agreed that last year’s Shergar cup was a huge success. So how to improve on it this year? More cheerleaders of course!!! We were delighted when Ascot decided to hire the Pineapple Cheerleaders not only to cheer on the races and perform for the crowd, but also to model with the jockeys and to provide cheerleading workshops for the children. So, here’s how one of our biggest, busiest events of the year went down!

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Halfords Cycle tour - Cheer Diary

Pineapple Cheerleaders parform at Canary Wharf Halfords Tour series at Canary Wharf

By Kim

As PC’s we get hired to cheer for a range of sports and events, but this was a first – cycling! We headed down to Canary Wharf to cheer on the London leg of the Halfords tour series. It was their first venture into London and as the opening event it had to be a spectacular affair. So of course they wanted the help of the P.C’s!

We were cheering for the ‘Rapha – Condor – Sharp’ team better known as the ‘Men In Black’. Brilliant opportunity to wear our gorgeous pink ‘n’ black hot pants and PC vests – with matching pink pom poms of course. Candy cute J

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Step Up 3D premier - Cheer Diary

Pineapple Cheerleaders in their 3D glassesStep up 3D movie premier social

By Rossella 

Sun down, Monday night. Leicester Square, movie lights!

Here we go, we start it out…I like!

Dressed up, Pink Pc uniform,

So damn ready for, one Premier… maybe more...We like,  we like!

Recognise that? A musical intro for a very musical and exciting PC Social. It's the Step Up 3D premiere, and London's no.1 Cheerleading squad is on the guestlist! Here is what went down!

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GMTV Glee feature - Cheer Diary

PC's with the cast of GleeGMTV Glee feature

By Aimee

Don’t Stop Believing! 

OMG! Can you even begin to imagine our excitement knowing we were about to be filming with two of our favourite stars from the cast of Glee! Three P.C's were needed to film a sketch for GMTV with Loraine Kelly as 'Sue Sylvester' and us P.C's as the 'Cheerios'. Emma, Elle and I were each individually collected from home by our own personal driver for the day, we headed to the GMTV studios for 7AM...I arrived first and waited for the girls in green room while having breakfast and a chin wag with Peter Stilton.

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Bollywood Movie - Cheer Diary

Filming a Pineapple Cheerleaders on set of Bollywood movieBollywood Movie

By Elle

 “Patiala House take 3 aaaaaand action!”

Yes, believe it or not the Pineapple Cheerleaders have been cast in the biggest Bollywood movie of the year – Patiala House, staring alongside a glamorous cast, and lead by the fantastic Akshay Kumar!!! The plot is about a young man who becomes a cricket star so we were cast to play the cheerleaders for the cricket team. Typecasting rules!

This is what a typical day on set looked like: The driver collected us from our hotel and took us to and from the set each day.

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MTV screening - Cheer Diary

Pineapple Cheerleaders perform at MTV for RJ Berger launchThe Hard Times of RJ Berger - MTV screening

By Emma 

The PC’s rock up to MTV’s stylish offices in Camden ready to leave a lasting impression! We’d been hired to help promote the launch of MTV’s brand new show: The Hard Times of RJ Berger. As we walked in I noticed the American themed decorations matched our cheer uniforms perfectly! Cheer Bonus!  We go through the security and sign in (as it’s a very exclusive premises) before being shown to our spacious dressing room with mirrors as far as the eye can see! After a few stretches and shakes of our poms to warm up, we’re joined by the very popular Melvin Odoom, co-host of Kiss 100’s breakfast show!

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Marina Mall performance - Cheer Diary

Pineapple Cheerleaders on stage in Abu DhabiMarina Mall performance in Abu Dhabi 

By Sabrina

Lets go Marina Fans, let me hear you in the stands!

Oh yes, that’s right, Pineapple Cheerleaders hit the Marina Mall in Abu Dhabi by storm! Now as PC’s we are used to turning heads for all the right reasons, however nothing could have prepared us for the reception we received in Abu Dhabi. The promotion in advance of our arrival was huge, with our photos plastered across giant electronic billboards across the city and all over the mall. It seems that the whole of Abu Dhabi was excited by the cheerleaders’ arrival and had flocked down to the Mall to catch a glimpse.

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Clubbing in Dubai - Cheer Diary

PC's at Atlantis Hotel, DubaiClubbing in Dubai

By Emma 

After a long hard day of cheering, dancing and being followed by a storm of flashing cameras in Abu Dhabi, there’s nothing we love more than slipping on a cute dress, a pair of heels and running off to see the vibrant night life that Dubai has to offer! Where better to do that than a Full Moon Beach Party at the Atlantis Hotel?

After the taxi journey from Abu Dhabi (including a night tour of Dubai) we arrive a little bit more than fashionably late to find the Beach has begun to empty! It’s only 3am – where is everybody? After all the build up and excitement to get here this could be an absolute Cheer mare! Luckily, it wasn’t long before our PC credit was noticed by the Club Manager and before we knew it our table was swarmed by waiters offering Champagne. Now we all know never to take Champagne from a stranger… but it would just be rude not too, right?  

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