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Pineapple Cheerleader: Aimee

Pineapple Cheerleader - Aimee

Name  Aimee
 Age  24
 Height  5"5
 Eye colour  Green
 Hair colour  Blonde
 Time in squad 4 years
 Best cheerleading skill  High kicks
 Best cheerleading moment  Being a guest on Loose Women and Dancing to Bon Jovi for The Sunday Night Project shoot when they put the wind machine on in the rain
 Star sign  Leo
 Hometown  Ashford, Middlesex
 Occupation  Dancer, cheerleader & personal shopper (for myself)
 Ambition  To tour the world as part of a famous girlband
 Likes  Musicals, fakebake, animals & Juicy
 Dislikes  Animal cruelty
 Favourite cheer  We are No.1
 Favourite routine  Candyman
 Favourite food  Vanilla Cheesecake with hot choc sauce
 Favourite book  Bridget Jones' Diary
 Favourite music  Lady Gaga, PCD, MJ and of course Britney
 Favourite movie  Centre Stage
 Favourite item of clothing  My pink & brown juicy bag with matching purse
 'Can't live without' make up item  Bourjois Clubbing mascara
 Motto in life  Bring it on!