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Pineapple Cheerleader: Annabel


Annabel - Pineapple Cheerleader

 Name: Annabel 
 Age: 23
 Height: 5ft 6 
 Eye colour: Blue 
 Hair colour: Blonde 
 Time in Squad: 2 Years 
 Best cheerleading skill: Flexibility 
 Best cheerleading moment: Performing live on The X Factor for Once Direction in front of 13.2 million people!! And meeting my future husband...Matt Cardle!!! 
 Star sign: Gemini 
 Home town: Boston 
 Occupation: Cheerleader and Musical Theatre graaduate 
 Ambition: To be in a girlband and have international success! 
 Likes: My family, Starbucks, flowers, fake tan, chocolate, performing, sunbathing and cocktails 
 Dislikes: Spiders, big dogs, mushrooms and rush hour 
 Favourite cheer: Back to basics 
 Favourite routine: CANDYMAN!!!
 Favourite food: Coco Pops and Nando's 
 Favourite book: Dan Brown - Angels and Demons 
 Favourite music: Britney, Beyonce and Lady Gaga 
 Favourite movie: Avatar and Titanic 
 Favourite item of clothing: My silk Karen Millen dress, my gold bikini and my pink Scandinavian bobble hat (not together of course) 
 'Can't live without' make up item: Benefit 'Stay Don't Stray' concealer 
 Motto in life: You only live once...so live it Blonde! 


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