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Pineapple Cheerleader: Hayley

Pineapple Cheerleader - Hayley

Name  Hayley
 Age  20
 Height  5"6
 Eye colour  Blue
 Hair colour  Brown
 Time in squad  6 months
 Best cheerleading skill  Perfect box splits
 Best cheerleading moment  Cheering for Lewis Hamilton
 Star sign  Libra
 Hometown  London
 Occupation  Dance student
 Ambition  To have a sucessful dance career
 Likes  Parties, dancing, the gym
 Dislikes  Essays
 Favourite cheer  Shake it girls
 Favourite routine  Rock this party
 Favourite food  BBQ chicken
 Favourite book  The Notebook
 Favourite music  RnB
 Favourite movie  The Holiday
 Favourite item of clothing  My LBD
 'Can't live without' make up item  Pink lip gloss
 Motto in life  Live in the moment!