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Pineapple Cheerleader: Holly

Holly - Pineapple Cheerleader

 Name:  Holly 
 Age: 23
 Height: 5ft 7
 Eye colour: Blue
 Hair colour: Blonde
 Time in squad: 2 years
 Best cheerleading skill: Dancing
 Best cheerleading moment: Performing at Thorpe park (and getting queue jump for all of the rides)
 Star sign: Virgo 
 Hometown: Colchester, Essex 
 Occupation: Cheerleader & dancer 
 Ambition: To be in a Dolce & Gabbana advert with David Gandy
 Likes: Shopping, pugs and cups of tea! 
 Dislikes: Spiders, scary films and untidiness 
 Favourite cheer: G-R-E-E-N-S 
 Favourite routine: Jai Ho 
 Favourite food: Chocolate 
 Favourite book: The Collector 
 Favourite music: Lady Gaga and Britney 
 Favourite movie: The Hangover 
 Favourite item of clothing: My Ugg Boots 
 'Can't live without' make-up item: My Girls Aloud fake eyelashes 
 Motto in life: A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous (Coco Chanel) 

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