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Pineapple Cheerleader: Kimberley

Kimberley Pineapple Cheerleader

 Name: Kimberley 
 Age: 25 
 Height: 5ft 4 
 Eye colour: Brown 
 Hair colour: Dark brown 
 Time in squad: 3.5 years 
 Best cheerleading skill: Cheers 
 Best cheerleading moment: At Ascot when we taught the kids how to be cheerleaders and they cam and performed with us. They were so adorable and they absolutely loved having me coach them : ) 
 Star sign: Capricorn 
 Hometown: Leeds 
 Occupation: Cheerleader and cheerleading & dance drama  teacher 
 Ambition: To open my own  Theatre in Education company for primary school children
 Likes: Champagne, holidays & pom pons 
 Dislikes: People who judge others before knowing anything about them 
 Favourite cheer: Shake 'em high! 
 Favourite routine: All I want for Christmas 
 Favourite food: Yorkshire puddings - yum! 
 Favourite book: The Time Traveller's Wife 
 Favourite music: RnB 
 Favourite movie: Bad Boys and 50 First Dates 
 Favourite item of clothing: My sparkly LBD - I just love to sparkle! 
 'Can't live without' make up item: Juicy lip gloss 
 Motto in life: Everything happens for a reason 

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