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Pineapple Cheerleader: Sabrina

 Name  Sabrina
 Age  24
 Height  5"7
 Eye colour  Blue
 Hair colour  Reddish Brown
 Time in squad  2 years 
 Best cheerleading skill  Scorpion
 Best cheerleading moment  Getting in! and performing in Dubai and Abu Dhabi
 Star sign  Gemini
 Hometown  Grantham, Lincs
 Occupation  Part time presenter
 Ambition  To be bilingual
 Likes  Holidays, Scuba Diving and fancy dress!
 Dislikes  Wasps and Bees
 Favourite cheer  Panther Fans
 Favourite routine  Candy Man
 Favourite food  Sweets
 Favourite book  All of Dan Brown's
 Favourite music  Music I can sing along to!
 Favourite movie  Man on Fire
 Favourite item of clothing  My All Saints leather jacket
 'Can't live without' make up item  YSL Mascara
 Motto in life  Live life like a butterfly