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Pineapple Cheerleader: Suzy

Pineapple Cheerleader - Suzy

Name  Suzy
 Age  26
 Height  5"5
 Eye colour  Blue
 Hair colour  Brown
 Time in squad  4 years
 Best cheerleading skill  Freestyling with poms
 Best cheerleading moment  So many! Giving Stephen Fry a personal cheer, being a cheerleader in a Bollywood film for 2 weeks are top of the list.
 Star sign  Cancer
 Hometown  Brighton
 Occupation  Part time child care worker, part time cheerleader
 Ambition  To successfully balance dancing with becoming a councellor
 Likes  The beach, the sun, American football & dancing
 Dislikes  Being told what to do
 Favourite cheer  Who Rocks the house?
 Favourite routine  Bon Jovi - Livin' on a Prayer
 Favourite food  Sunday roast
 Favourite book  Gone with the Wind, Lord of the Rings & Robyn Hobb...
 Favourite music  Anything with a heavy bassline
 Favourite movie  Evita
 Favourite item of clothing Dance costumes for an ego boost!
 'Can't live without' make up item  Bronzer
 Motto in life  Nothing is forever so enjoy now!