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Uniforms & Poms

Pineapple Cheerleaders are professional cheerleaders for hire and they offer their clients a fabulous range of 12 professional cheerleading uniforms and poms to choose from (see below). The uniforms are non-branded and there is a variety of colours available, making it easy to co-ordinate the cheerleaders with your required team or brand. 

  • Client branded uniforms: Pineapple Cheerleaders are also happy to wear branded clothing supplied by clients if required.
  • Non-revealing uniforms: Pineapple Cheerleaders are able to adapt all of their uniforms to suit a more modest dress code if required. For example when working in the U.A.E. we have options to cover stomachs and legs.

Please note The Cheerleading Company does not sell cheerleading uniforms or pom poms. Neither do they 'lend/hire' out their uniforms and poms which are exclusively worn by Pineapple Cheerleaders. The cheerleaders and their uniforms come as a package!

If you would like to hire the Pineapple Cheerleaders please call <020 8516 7733 to speak to our squad manager or email